Our Story

         Renato has been working with scissors and clippers for 35 years. He was the owner of a chain of hair salons in NYC.  “I have always been passionate about my scissors and clippers. I just changed the animal. The love for cutting is the same.”

         After selling his very successful business, he and his husband moved to Buzios-RJ-Brazil.  “We were shocked by the number of dogs in the streets fighting for their lives.  Most were sick, starving or injured, usually repeatedly hit by cars.  We noticed the apathy and the lack of empathy toward these beautiful animals.

         At this point we knew we had to do something.  We started locally by carrying food and water in the back of our car and leaving them in public places, joined efforts with others in the community and created Teatro e Cultura Vira Lata (translated as ‘Theater and Culture for the Street Dogs’), an organization that used children’s theater to promote kindness and compassion for all animals.

          We created a partnership with local vets and pet stores that assists and provides in the health and well-being of these homeless animals through fundraisers and donations.

        When we left Buzios in 2014, we brought our own vira lata from the streets of Rio.  Still looking for a viable way to help, we created an eCommerce business here in Miami Beach.  A portion of all proceeds from the business is used to care for homeless animals in Brazil and other parts of South America.”

        While in South Florida, Renato volunteered at a rescue and decided on a new path.  After attending grooming school, he worked as a groomer and groomer supervisor.  “I didn’t go to the Educational Center to learn what to do, but to learn what not to do.

We traveled to Animal Expositions throughout the country, taking classes and discovering new trends in grooming and equipment.”

          Renato is certified in Pet CPR, First Aid & Care, and AKC certified in Safe Grooming and Safe Handling.

 “Our next step was to open a brick and mortar business to better attend to the needs of our four-footed clients in an eco-friendly environment and to be able to offer services to rescue dogs looking to be adopted.”

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A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Animal Rescues in South America.

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