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Doggie Day SPA HOTEL


• Is a half hour walk just not enough exercise?

• Does your dog enjoy playing with others?

• Is your dog alone all day while you are at work?

       Then bring him/her to the VLP GROOMING & SPA HOTEL, where they can play all day long with other puppy buddies and our fun and attentive staff at our spacious and clean facility in the heart of Miami Beach.

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       At VLP GROOMING & SPA HOTEL, we strive to be the best doggie day care facility in the Miami Beach area.  There’s plenty of room to run around, lots of human attention and plenty of canine companionship, which are all necessary elements for a happy and healthy puppy life!

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       A fun day of running, playing and chasing toys will lead to less destructive/disruptive behaviors like chewing, barking and/or biting.  Additionally, we will reinforce good doggie manners at all opportunities. After a full day of fun, your dog will return home exhausted and probably sleep like a baby.

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Hours 7:30am - 5:00pm

Any dog remaining after 5pm will be charged an additional boarding rate of $65.

       Our staff, with your permission, will take your dog for outside walks for better exercise and relief.  Relief walks are offered after 5-6 hours (never in large groups, usually solo, and occasionally with a friend).

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       Dogs are grouped into playgroups according to size and temperament.  Puppies and small dogs are grouped together, while medium to large dogs will play together.  Exceptions are made as there are some small dogs with big personalities that prefer to play with larger counterparts.

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       Dogs also have the opportunity to get their “beauty sleep” in between play times.  We provide relaxing music to the areas where they rest after a vigorous play time.

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