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Going away on vacation?

Looking for a weekend away?

Worried that your dog will be alone for an evening?

• We can help! Leave your fur baby with us and we will be sure he/she is safe, happy and well taken care of.  We have overnight attendants so your dog will not be left alone throughout the evening. Leave your dog with us and work, play or relax without the stress or anxiety of worrying about his/her well-being!

We limit our boarding to ten dogs per night

( 6 small/ 4 large) in order  to give individual attention

to each of them.
They are walked twice a day and have full access to an

outdoor area to pee during their stay

Dogs under 3 months due to special care & attention needed.

Boarding Drop Off / Pick Up:

• Boarding drop off and pick up is available any time between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

• Saturday, Sunday and holidays, drop off and pick up are available between 10:00am and 3:00pm.

• Dogs must be picked up before noon, otherwise a pro-rated daycare fee will be charged based on $40 up to 6pm.

• Dogs not picked up during the available pick up time will be boarded for another night at their current nightly rate.

• Be sure to bring enough food for your dog to last throughout his/her stay.

• We will happily administer any medications, both orally and/or topically, for no extra charge.

• We do not give injections.

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